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History of the Association

The Association was formed in May 1958 in Newtownards and its objective was to represent Retired Police Officers of all ranks in respect of pensions and other matters and to provide a social platform for arranging outings and functions. The NIRPOA received no Government funding, had no accommodation for its Office Bearers and had no administrative facilities. Prior to the onset of the Terrorist campaign in 1970, the Association was prominent in Belfast, North Down and Londonderry but never had more than a few hundred members.

Terrorism took its toll eventually on the ability of the members to socialise together and numbers dropped below 50. Communication was maintained by the branch officers in each area and attendance at AGM’s was seldom greater than a few dozen members.

The Association was awarded a seat on the Royal Ulster Constabulary Benevolent Fund at its inception in 1971, to represent those in receipt of a Police Pension, a position which is maintained to this day. The Office Bearers where also prominent in liaison with and played a major part in the development of other retired associations representing teachers, civil servants etc. Contact was also maintained with and recognition given by the NIO, the Home Office, the Royal Ulster Constabulary and more recently the Police Service of Northern Ireland. During the deliberations of the Government on Police Pensions and the Patton Commission on Policing the Association was consulted and submissions where made.


The Association have maintained a seat on the board of the Benevolent Fund and have been granted a seat on the Care Forum which is facilitated by the Deputy Chief Constable, an opportunity to raise welfare matters concerning our members, the Association has also been consulted and expressed views on matters affecting Retired Police Officers by the NI Policing Board, Department Of Justice, Northern Ireland Office, the Police Ombudsman, the Chief Constable and various other Commissioners.

We provide information and confidential advice to our members on a range of matters from Pensions to interviews and where to go for further assistance.

The Association also has branches at North West (Coleraine), East Antrim (Newtownabbey), North Down (Bangor), Belfast, Lisburn and Fermanagh (Enniskillen). They meet for social events and outings. Members of the Association liaise with other Organisations which may benefit the interests of the Association and our members, these include the National Association of Retired Police Officers Association, the Retired Police Officers Association of Scotland and the Garda Siochana Retired Association. Through our trading arm we provide our members with a group Health Insurance Scheme and a group Travel Insurance scheme.


Membership of the Association has increased to 3800 since 2001 and is open to all Pensioners of the Royal Irish Constabulary, Royal Ulster Constabulary GC, Ulster Special

Constabulary, Royal Ulster Constabulary GC Reserve (Full and Part-time), Police Service for Northern Ireland, widows and parents of members killed in service.

Retired members of Colonial and Police Forces within the British Isles are eligible to join provided they are domiciled in Northern Ireland.