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Individual Pension advice is available to members by contacting the Central Office at Maryfield on 028 9039 3568 or email info@nirpoa.org arrangements will then be made to have you contacted.

There is much help and advice, for our members on the Injury on Duty Pensioners Association (IODPA) site, relating to Injury Benefit Awards.  Particularly in the blog section.  IODPA can be accessed through the Police Injury Pension Information Network (PIPIN) www.pipin.org.uk website.  On opening the PIPIN website, click on IODPA, and you will find much useful information.  This information is updated on a regular basis. Many of our members have joined IODPA, where they find help and advice on past and current IoD issues.

Members should be aware that under Regulation 31 of the 2006 Injury Benefit Regulations there is a mechanism for the reconsideration of review and appeal.  This mechanism has been used successfully in the past to overturn previous unsatisfactory decisions.

For more information on pension matters please log in.

If you have a general enquiry about pensions your answer might be provided by a visit to www.narpo.org


If you need to contact the Policing Board about Injury on Duty awards , they can be contacted on 028 9040 8500