“Some members, if not all, will be aware detectives from Bedfordshire Constabulary will, at the behest of the Chief Constable P.S.N.I. be calling UNANNOUNCED and at varying times to selected, retired members houses making enquiries regarding the alleged activities of a military source by the code name of STAKEKNIFE.

Their remit, terms of reference and memorandum can be found on their dedicated website www.opkenova.co.uk.

They have the same Police powers as a Constable in the P.S.N.I. If you are not in the have left a letter with a neighbour, one assumes they identify themselves as police as the will to you. The security risks entailed with this seems not to be apparent to them, or they are in ignorance of the situation pertaining here.

COMPANIONS have been formed to represent and or advise retired members who may be subject to an investigation. Legal advice is available to members of the N.I.R.P.O.A.(the Association). Remember YOU are NOT alone.


Contact the Office at Maryfield 028 9039 3568 or infor@nirpoa.org for assistance.