There appears to be some uncertainty regarding widow’s pension entitlement.

Prior to April 1972, widow’s entitlement was one third. The Police Pensions Regulations changed in 1972, and pension contributions increased to 7%. This increased the widow’s pension to a half.

The Regulations allowed those in service, prior to April 1972 to enhance their pre April 1972 widow entitlement to a half, at a cost. At that time officers were given a time limited opportunity to upgrade pre 1972 service for the purpose of their widow’s pension. In order to do this, three options were available: The payment of a lump sum, additional contributions from pay, until the end of service or payment from the future police pension. Not all officers took the option to “buy” back service.

Anyone who joined after 1972 automatically, leave a half rate widow’s pension.

Members who joined pre 1972 will either leave a half (if they chose to upgrade) or a mixture of a third for pre 1972 service and a half for the period after 1972.

If unsure what bracket you fall into it would be advisable to contact Pensions Branch